“The longest procession in Formula 1 history” – “From bad boy to man-eater”

The international press reacts quite differently to Max Verstappen’s third-world title. The crowning of the world champion on a Saturday in the sprint in Qatar isn’t particularly well received either.


De Telegraaf: “Even better, even more mature, even more consistent. Max Verstappen proved in 2023 that he is evolving. This is bad news for the rest of the field, because there is no saturation at all. Verstappen is one of the greatest drivers of all time. Also because of the way he shaped a world sport like Formula 1.”

De Volkskrant: “With his third title in a row, Verstappen has joined the ranks of the greatest in Formula 1. He has himself, his team, the fragmented competition and a very clever Brit to thank for it.”

NRC.nl: “Verstappen is of a strangely high level. At 26 years old, he is on the same level as icons like Ayrton Senna, Jackie Stewart and Niki Lauda.”

AD.nl: “All good things come in threes. Max Verstappen crowns a phenomenal season. What a luxury: he drives 57 laps of honor through the desert on Sunday.”


Daily Mail: “The genius who defies belief won his third title without much fanfare. The crowning glory of the greatest one-man season in history came when Sergio Perez drove into the gravel.”

Guardian: “Max Verstappen redefined the concept of a dominant season – whenever he rolled onto the track there was this feeling of inevitability.”

Sun: “Max Verstappen wins his third title without competing in a Grand Prix. The season felt like the longest procession in Formula 1 history.”



L’Equipe: “Maybe it’s a bit in his champion genes. Max Verstappen is simply built differently, he has never done anything like the others. And even his third crowning glory is lost in the strange, bizarre and extraordinary. This brilliant pilot would have earned this title in a better way.”



Gazzetta dello Sport: “The child prodigy has matured into a man and you can no longer stop him. It is the just culmination of a reign that has rarely been experienced in Formula 1.”

Corriere dello Sport: “Verstappen combines talent with incredible discipline. He has learned over the years to reduce his mistakes to a minimum.”

Tuttosport: “Formula 1 has become a formula of chain winners. Since Michael Schumacher started celebrating a series of world championship victories, the era of multiple title winners has begun. The new king is now Verstappen, who will rule for a long time to come. “

La Repubblica: “It’s complicated not having any natural enemies in Formula 1. You have to always surpass yourself, and not get bored with the habit of being perfect. Over time, Max Verstappen has progressed from a bad boy to a man-eater.”

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