Roberto López, a ‘txitxarrero’, shines in Tenerife

Maybe it was the season I was waiting for. The propitious scenario that had been waiting for five years to squander all its quality is surrounded by the sea. Roberto López (Zaragoza, 2000) is finally shining and demonstrating that football that he has inside and wasted in the lower categories, but that he could not spread in the Sansa and barely showed in very small essences in the first team of the Real. As loaned in Tenerife and the hand of Asier Garritanos, ex of the Real, he has let go, has polished his gaps and dressed in confidence, transforms his good performance into numbers.

Four goals, one assist and 10 starts in 10 games represent the best letter of introduction for López his course. He is already the only chacarero footballer who has played in all the matches of this campaign in Second. And, in addition to all that, his Tenerife has already presented its credentials to return to Primera. It has risen to the leadership of the so-called Hyper motion League, with 21 points, one more than Espanyol, and two more than four historical as Zaragoza, Leganés, Levante and Valladolid.

Robertois stepping forward. He is not satisfied only with the creation or with elaborating the plays from the combination, but he is showing a point of maturity that was already seen coming, “says his coach last year at Mirandés,Joseba Etxeberria. In words collected by the newspaper Día de Tenerife, the Elgoibar coach adds: “Everything we are seeing him was already sensed the previous season, only now it is more decisive. It is not enough just to generate play, which he does very well; but also to be close to the goal, generate assists and score.”

Option to purchase if you upgrade

At the moment, returning to La Real is not among the priorities of a Roberto López who has a contract until 2025 with the txuri urdin entity and a termination clause of 50 million euros. Everything will change if his new team, the ‘Tete’, is promoted. Then it will exercise the preferential purchase option it has, whose amount is set at only 1.5 million euros on the island. If his campaign is as dazzling as until now, he has the doors open to return to La Real, which also kept a repurchase option that is equivalent to the purchase option plus the salary and bonus expenses that the player has been able to generate in Tenerife.

López was for a time the great promise of the quarry of the Real. He was seen scoring goals with that prodigious left-footed shot from midfield and dominating the game from his midfield position. But he did not finish convincing Imanol in the 23 games he played in the first team, despite his three goals (one against Athletic) and two assists.

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