He scores against Germany, he rejoices at Del Piero

He scores against Germany; he rejoices at Del Piero. And now Yildiz wants space at Juve.

The Juventus talent shines in Montella’s Turkey, victorious against the Germans in a friendly

Kenan Yildiz’s first big goal also came against Germany, the country where he grew up and which courted him for a long time, before he decided to play in Turkey to honor his father’s origins. The class of 2005, to whom Allegri gave his debut in Serie A by providing an assist for his first call-up to the senior national team, then rejoiced with his tongue: like Del Piero. That his talent is crystal clear is clear, even if it is still premature to make the cards on a career that must take flight: since his arrival at Juventus, able to snatch him on a free transfer from the hands of Bayern Munich, the perception of having taken a star player of the future, however, has been all there.



Like Del Piero, Yildiz joined Juve in the Primavera and after a year made the direct transition to the first team. Although the club has the Next Gen, which plays in the Serie C championship. In the case of the Turk, the middle stage was very fast: rather the context of the second team is coming in handy in the weeks when Allegri does not throw him into the fray and therefore needs to get minutes in his legs. Kenan is still looking for his first goal in Serie A: he has come close to it at least a couple of times, Allegri continues to reiterate that he must try to shoot more on goal because in his conclusions he can be “very boring” for opposing defenses. His last goal for the national team is a testament to this.


Yildiz’s first season among adults still has a number of goals to achieve. Starting from his first goal with the Juventus shirt, to the ambition to carve out more and more space in the club until he becomes a potential starter: of the five strikers, so far he has never worn a shirt from the first minute. No pretensions on the part of the boy (last year, on the other hand, he was pawing to make the leap to the pros) but one more reason to continue working with commitment and continuity. Kenan also wants to take the first European Championship of his career as early as next summer: the new coach Montella sees great potential in him and for this reason he is calling him up punctually.

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