What did Vinicius say to the assistant referee in the Clasico?

Vinicius wasn’t very sharp in the Montjuïc Clasico. In fact, he was more of a protagonist when he was substituted than with the ball in play. Ancelotti took off the Brazilian with the game already decided and the player was not in a hurry to leave the field.

That provoked the anger of the Barça fans and also the assistant referee telling him to hurry up. Something that Vinicius didn’t like at all, who told him “don’t touch me, don’t touch me. You’re crazy.” That was picked up by DAZN’s cameras that showed Vinicius’ anger with the assistant and also how Ancelotti had to push the player aside so that things did not escalate.

Joao Felix was sent off by Gil Manzano for saying “you’re crazy”

The striker, who was playing for Atlético de Madrid at the time, was sent off by Gil Manzano in 2021 in a match against Athletic Club.

It was during a match against Athletic, 18 minutes after coming on as a substitute for Correa. The Portuguese striker started a counterattack and was brazenly grabbed by Unai Vencedor. In his attempt to get away from the rival, Joao Felix hit Vencedor’s face with his arm. Gil Manzano cautioned the Athletic player and also the Atlético player. This ignited the wrath of the Portuguese, who reproached the referee for the action, putting his finger to his temple and telling him “You are crazy”. It was then that Gil Manzano showed him the second yellow card, which meant his expulsion. In the minutes of the match, Manzano wrote: “Joao Félix was cautioned for addressing me with his index finger on the temple as a sign of disagreement after having been cautioned.”

The Portuguese was less fortunate than Vinicius in the Clasico because he was sent off from the match and was suspended for two matches.

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