HSV is making a mistake again and is not playing for promotion

Once again, the performance of the big favorite was not ready for promotion. He was more present than in the 1-2 defeats in Elversberg and Osnabrück, but again the ratio of ball possession to clear scoring chances was not right, and there was once again a big gap between expectations and reality.

At the press conference before the trip to Wiesbaden, Tim Walter said somewhat exaggeratedly that he did not prepare his team for opponents and wanted to express that his primary concern was always that his team played their game. But one thing is obvious: developing solutions against low-lying opponents with a knife between their teeth is urgently on the agenda. Because in five years in the second division, HSV has repeatedly thrown away promotion with defeats against promoted teams and outsiders, and in the new season they have already accumulated three games that have the potential to really hurt at the end of the season.


Many questions are raised

The fact that the dominance, underlined by 23 shots on goal and a share of ball possession of 71 percent, was great and that the team came back after the late deficit thanks to Miro Muheim and even had the chance to win thanks to Laszlo Benes ‘ penalty in stoppage time cannot be hidden. that in the duel “small versus large” it once again did not present itself as a newcomer, that it found too few answers against compact bars and raised too many questions.


Jonas Boldt doesn’t like to hear the questions about problems with newcomers to the league and counters: “We’ll probably have to endure a little bit again now, even though we played a good game against an opponent who parked the bus. But we know how to deal with it. ” The sports director’s approach that the most recent performance was different than the previous negative performances in Elversberg and Osnabrück is justifiable – but basing oneself on a two-time worst case is not very productive given the demands.

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